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Greek Summer: A month itinerary

Updated: Feb 16, 2022

We've all seen Mamma Mia and wanted to spend a summer in Greece right? Exactly. So, here is the itinerary you need for a month in Greece hitting all the top spots.

Greek summer is truly a magical experience. I swear to God, there is just something in the air that makes that place vibrate with happiness. Or maybe that's just the surplus sun, sea and white wine... Anyway, here is a jam-packed but still restful month itinerary in Greece.

Athens - 3 days

It's likely wherever you're travelling from you'll land in Athens, Greece. If you're coming in the middle of summer do be warned that it's very hot and humid at this time of year in the city so I would recommend getting out early in the day for your sightseeing, having long, leisurely lunches in the shade and then going to beautiful rooftops for dinner. I had (wrongly) been told to skip Athens. It seems to have a reputation for being grubby and not that interesting but I really would beg to differ. I found Athens to be modern yet historic, on the right side of grubby and a really fun, vibrant and interesting place to hang out for a few days. If you're a digital nomad there is a wealth of good cafes to work from as well as groups online which can help you find your community!

Milos - 6/7 days

I loved Milos with all my heart and could easily have spent longer there. There are just so many interesting places to visit across the island. But if you're interested in the top 5 places to go in Milos, click here. Milos has a certain energy about it that I really enjoyed. It felt very relaxed and set at it's own pace, I found the locals to be really inviting and friendly, the food was INSANE. Like seriously, throughout the whole of Greece, Milos hands down had the best and most reasonably priced grub. But overall, its the wealth of things to do in Milos that wins for me. Make sure you go on at least one boat tour, visit Plaka the main town, see some of the many stunning beaches like Mandrakia or Kleftiko across the island and you'll be leaving with a smile on your face.

Santorini - 6/7 days

I have to admit because I had seen so many photos of Santorini before traveling there, I thought I was going to be disappointed. But luckily I was not! I was absolutely blown away, once again by how absolutely stunning this place was. What I didn't expect from Santorini was how vibey it was for parties. In my mind, I thought Santorini was for honeymooners but I was wrong in this sense! We ended up spending many evenings meeting new people, dancing on tables and going home at sunrise. And I have NO regrets. It was fucking brilliant. If there's anything you must do in Santorini, it's get a damn boat tour. These can be a little on the expensive side but honestly, it is SO worth it. It'll be a day you'll be remembering forever. We got a catamaran tour that was all day and finished after sunset and it's one of my fondest memories. We visited many Santorini highlights, a thermal pool, snorkelled in the sea, got fresh Greek food, many wines and made friends with people on the boat. 10/10 experience.

Mykonos - 6/7 days

Okay, another confession. I didn't like Mykonos half as much as I was expecting. But strangely, on reflection (6 months after the trip) I have the best memories of being there but at the time I do remember being mildly ticked off by a couple of things. Firstly, it's a hot spot for influencer-types. Nothing wrong with that but I did find there was a certain element of 'fakeness' or unfriendliness there. It seemed like a lot of people were there to be seen if that makes sense? Secondly, the price. Santorini was fairly expensive but nothing in comparison to Mykonos. They really do take the piss with the prices there (both for accommodation, taxis and food and drink) so if you're budget-conscious I would skip Mykonos. A typical meal will set you back roughly £100 each time and don't get me started on the beach clubs or bars. For many clubs you'll need to pay an extortionate amount to get in and will have minimum spend too.

Paxos - 3 days

We had planned to go to Crete after Mykonos but we couldn't face another ferry, let alone one that was going to take 6 hours. So the Crete trip will have to happen at another time but instead we opted for Paxos. I think we had got there at a weird time because everyone seemed to be at least 10 years (or more) younger than us. But again like all the Cyclades, Paxos is really beautiful. The port town is definitely where you should stay and it really comes alive at night. Paxos is also a great place to party if you're in the mood for that. I'd say it has a similar vibe to Milos but more centred around nightlife than Milos which has more wholesome excursions and activities to do.

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