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5 places you have to go in Milos, Greece

Updated: Feb 17, 2022

Milos was without a doubt one of my favourite places I've ever visited, let alone just in Greece. Read on to find out the 5 top spots you need to go on your visit to Milos.

There's just something about a Greek summer for me. Probably the endless sunshine, the beautiful azure waters and definitely the vibe that just permeates the air. Here are the 5 places you cannot miss in Milos.

1. Plaka (main town)

No joke, when we arrived in Milos and we went to Plaka for the first time we were genuinely squealing with excitement about how beautiful it was. Those perfectly-paved white-washed streets, the bright fuschia bougainvillaea in bloom and of course the Greek sunsets that are somewhat of a religious experience. Our first day there we got ourselves a quad bike to get around the island easily on then headed over to the main town for dinner. The great thing about Plaka is it has the perfect trifecta of; delicious food, incredible views and picture-perfect sunsets. Just wandering the streets is such a beautiful experience. Make sure you stop for ice-cold cappuccino freddo's, or a glass of chilled white wine. Whatever takes your fancy. But, please do not leave Plaka without seeing the old, Venetian church (pictured). You'll need to climb a few flights of stairs to get there but trust me the views are so worth it. Especially at sunrise or sunset.

2. Adamantas (port town)

Adamantas is the port that you will arrive into on your ferry. It's full of tour operators so this is a great place to book a boat tour, rent a car or any other excursions. It also has many cafes and restaurants that a pretty buzzy all day and well into the evening. We had many incredible meals here and what I love about Milos is how decently it is priced. At night it feels quite vibey to wander around, chat to locals and have a drink once the sun has set.

3. Fyriplaka (beach)

One of my favourite days spent in Milos was when we hopped on our quad bike and drove across to Fyriplaka. I didn't really know what to expect but I was pleasantly really surprised by how beautiful it was. There is a somewhat (steep) drive down the winding cliffside to the beach where cars and bikes park the whole way alongside it. Once you get onto the beach it is absolutely stunning. The water is so clear, warm and inviting. You'll be well serviced all day with the beach bar there which offers light snacks and drinks. We had a few margaritas across the day...

4. Sarakiniko Beach

If you've done your research on Milos, it's likely you've heard of Sarakiniko Beach, aka the moon beach. This place really is mind-blowing. The landscape is a strangely stunning crevasse of white rock, forming beautiful white-washed shores. On our way out of the beach we saw a shooting star and it was magical. I would definitely suggest spending a whole day there but if you don't have the time, do not miss the sunset there. Just note there aren't many facilities in the local area so take snacks and drinks with you. But don't forget to take your trash home!

5. Mandrakia or Klefkiko Beach

Mandrakia is a beautiful fishing port with a couple of cafes and restaurants. I wouldn't say you need to spend all day here but it's a nice place to stop for a morning coffee or lunch. Stroll down to the little fishing cove which is super beautiful, sporting many colourful fishing boats making the scene look very Mamma Mia.

Klefkiko beach is only accessible by boat by crazy views and swimming spots. Unfortunately, we didn't get to do this in time but if I went back it's the first thing I would do!

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