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Globethotter Podcast - Catch me on the podcast, spilling all the solo travel tea.

Updated: Oct 18, 2022

Cassy and I hold nothing back on her podcast when we talk the realities of dating abroad, solo travelling and the digital nomad lifestyle.

Make sure to check out Cassy's blog, TikTok and IG here too.

Without further ado find the podcast here.

"Joining us on the pod today, we have Emily Lysianne, AKA @EmmyGoesPlaces! A traveling content creator and digital nomad, Emily and I first met on TikTok, and then finally IRL on a raging party boat in Lisbon... because, well, of course we did. A self-proclaimed 'sunlight chaser and life enthusiast,' Emily and I hit it off on-sight and were dancing on top of tables within hours of meeting each other – a sure sign of a kindred Globethotter spirit. From saying F U to convention and solo traveling into your 30’s, to why you should never trust an Italian who says they don’t have Instagram, this episode gets into it all... Are you up for a little bit of fun, sprinkled with a dash of chaos?

The pod that puts the ✨lover✨ in travel lover, join @CassyyMartinez as she swaps juicy travel stories with a slew of amazing adventurers who kiss and tell. Inspired to share your epic travel story?

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